August 22nd, 2013

As the only Euro among a crew of mainly Northern American dudes and girl, I don’t often get the chance to have a drink with the people I share my gametime with. The few instances where I visited the other side of the pond and got some face to face time in with my fellow Gunslingers are some of my best trips.

So when the chance arrived to meet up with a fellow Gunslinger on this side of the water I off course had to be there. Opportunity: Gamescom.


Games in Cologne

Gamescom in Cologne


August 9th, 2013
TTL Cozmo23

Last night Myself, Deej, and 8 other Gunslingers here at Tied The Leader had the privilege of hosting some friendly online XBL battles with The Guardians of Destiny on our Battlefield 3 server. They showed up in force with 18 players coming in waves that crashed against our front line. We found ourselves in a situation we love, doing battle with a worthy adversary in a game we love. We quickly noticed that these Guardians had brought a knife to a gun fight. I don’t mean they were not prepared for the occasion, but they were literally stabbing us with knives left and right. It was almost like they were cutting our virtual throats with a sense of purpose…


A Guardian cutting open his Deej piñata searching for candy inside.

Who are the Guardians?

August 4th, 2013
TTL Cozmo23

Your heart is pounding as you hear the in game panicked voice state the enemy team has armed the bomb. You check the score and there are 3 of them left. Only you and one other teammate are left in the round. This round is extra important because it is the overtime round that will decide the match that currently sets at a 3-3 tie.

“I am coming up behind…” Cut off mid sentence, your last ally is silenced by enemy fire somewhere on the other side of the map. There is 20 seconds left and it’s all up to you to pull victory from the jaws of defeat. You feel the weight of 5 of your best gaming friends counting on you to come out ahead against overwhelming odds.


Luckily the mask covers up your look of terror.

Finish the fight ahead…

July 16th, 2013
TTL Demag0gue

A sonic boom rocks the air as a small vessel enters the atmosphere and screams toward your position. It passes overhead without even slowing, but as it does, a figure is teleported from the ship to a position not far from where you’re currently standing. It is another Guardian, armed to the teeth and ready to join your fireteam to explore the forgotten places of Earth (and beyond).


Enter the matchmaking lobby…

July 2nd, 2013
Sunburned Goose

My first time was beneath the crest of a hill in Pantera. A sniper had taken down several of my teammates as we hunted for another player. I was alone on that hill, armed only with a G17 and patience. Ultimately, it was the sniper’s desire for loot gave me an opportunity.

Tonight, I killed with my heart and earned my first bandit skin.

Share your memorable kill on our forum.

July 2nd, 2013
Sunburned Goose

The Gunslingers, using three of the toughest vehicles, full of guns and ammo, tore across Taviana last night. We would hunt as a pack, giving chase to other players across the island until our prey would make their first, and only mistake.

Here’s a quick taste of what it was like terrorizing the population of DayZ around with our killer vehicles.

June 25th, 2013
TTL Demag0gue

If there’s one thing we here at Tied the Leader love about Bungie (and trust us, there are many), it’s their ability to weave a compelling narrative into a first-person shooter set heavily in a science fictional universe. Indeed, nearly all of Bungie’s titles fit the bill of sci-fi shooter, and all tell their own stories that fans still talk about years later. But what happens when you take that futuristic setting and infuse it with a generous helping of the fantastic?

You get Destiny, that’s what.


Mythic or scientific?

June 18th, 2013
TTL Demag0gue


The story of Destiny is the story of a race wiped nearly from existence. Humanity and its allies (Exo and Awoken) must pick up the pieces of a crumbling civilization and push back against its enemies. For the first time in a Bungie title, there is no central protagonist in Destiny, no main character upon whose actions the fate of everything relies, no pivotal figure whose decisions could change the fate of an entire people. Instead, there are many heroes, each with their own story and each with their own opportunity to make a name for themselves, to create legend. These heroes are the Guardians, and they defend the last city of Man.

Name your inner Guardian

June 11th, 2013
TTL Demag0gue

Somewhere in the wilderness of Old Russia, two Guardians meet up at the base of an ancient, crumbling wall. This fireteam’s mission: to explore the wild frontier beyond that wall. And so begin our first steps into Destiny.


To the frontier!