May 29th, 2014
TTL Cozmo23

Tied The Leader started out as a Halo 2 clan, but over the last 9 years has evolved. One title does not rule them all any longer, and gaming communities have branched out across multiple games as well as platforms. A small squad of us at TTL spent a great deal of time in the DayZ mod gathering loot, hunting bandits, and dying in hilarious ways. I have been gathering small bits of footage from these shenanigans for the last 2 years and finally cut them together into a tribute to our time playing DayZ. Special thanks to the following people who have played DayZ with us, most of them were in the video somewhere.

TTL Cute
TTL Nightmare
TTL Killer
Sunburned Goose
TTL Pony
TTL Monster
TTL Faithkeeper

Also special guest Foman123


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