October 22nd, 2013

What happens when a ragtag bunch of Gunslingers decide to get EXTREME?

Our merry band of ne’er-do-wells happily answered that question for you, dear reader. Cute, Balzy, Sandman, Nightmare, and I decided to ditch motorized transportation and move to a more man-powered method of mayhem. It was time for the BMX Gang to ride, and ride we did.

Let’s get right down to it.

We started our Tour de Spokes with the rooftop trick park near my GTA: Online character’s residence. Backflips and 360 degree spins onto Hawick Avenue were the flavor of the day. A word of advice: Make sure your landing doesn’t coincide with the commute of a speeding convertible.

Remember: Click to enlarge.

This radical rooftop park provided plenty of high-flying opportunities. Check those background backflips!


Sandman flips the Y-Axis in a big way.


Cute’s 360-degree spin reached new heights.


Once the Power Street Park was decidedly dominated, we found a well-placed ramp leading from the top floor of a parking garage to a well-protected parking lot below. Even bigger air was ours for the taking as sunset quickly approached.

A selfie shows the damage taken from our last extreme sporting venture, as well as the next location in the background.


Tandem back flips were becoming par for the course. Time to heat things up…


OK. A flaming firetruck may be a little TOO hot, Nightmare.


Fire, police, and ambulance services “lent” their rides to our Emergency Vehicle Medley jump. Thank you, taxpayers.


Cute was ready for his close up.


That was enough of the city life for one lifetime; it was time we took our talents to the beach. No, not South Beach (some wounds never heal.)

The beaches of San Andreas would never be the same.

Balzy reflected on the mayhem of yesterday while preparing for the chaos that awaited.


Here’s Nightmare throwing a sick X-Up transfer.


Up close and personal with Sand(al)man.


Ever tricked off a shark-shaped sand sculpture? Check this out; note the ATV appearance.

Balzy doesn’t need a bigger boat.


Sandman, I believe the gasoline goes IN the tank.


Cute fought the law…


…and the law won.


Still with me? Good. Time to reach higher ground… The highest ground, actually, of majestic Mount Chilliad. Grand finale time.



Deej took a ride into the danger zone.


It’s really long way up. This mountain biking advertisement brought to you by Cute.


It’s also a long way down, Balzy…


This photographer took flight for a better angle on Nightmare’s front flip.


Sandman caught some mile-high thin air.


Pure class.


Last, but certainly not least. Cute should frame this one.


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