September 17th, 2013


Mind the zany title, readers. If you’ve had a moment to try Halo 4’s most recent game type addition, you already understand.

The latest DLC from 343 Industries contains a fresh spin on your beloved Halo matchmaking. It is the USNC’s newest Spartan vs. Spartan athletic competition: Ricochet.¬†I’ll do my best to describe the aforementioned game type, but that’s not the easiest task.

Ricochet is a cross between American Football, Handball, and War. Your objective is to score 200 points by throwing or carrying an Oddball across the plane of the opposing team’s goal. You’ll score 20 points if a member of your squad can lob the bony biscuit into the designated basket. If you successfully survive a sprint behind enemy lines and are able to score the skull touchdown-style, your team will be awarded a generous 50 points.

Allow me to introduce a few Gunslingers who took part in the sport last night:


This is your Wordsmith. Note the Ricochet-related face mask and shoulder pads.


TTLThrasymachcus, red-eyed and ready to rock faces.


TTL Ballistic, shown proudly displaying his pirate heritage.


TTL Saej scores the goals around here. When you see “50-Point Run”, expect his gamertag to glow in tandem.

The boys in blue above learned plenty from the match-made militia we were pitted against. You’ll slowly put together the pieces of each map’s puzzle and build your game plan around what you’ve gathered. Each map has its own myriad nuances to learn as the playlist rotates through¬†Haven, Adrift, Solace, Simplex, Dispatch, Onyx, Skyline, Pitfall, and Monolith. You’ve much to learn, young padawan, and learn you shall.

Strategies are abundant in Ricochet. Beyond the fully customizable loadouts, you’ll need to decide if a goalkeeper is worth the sacrifice in point production. Do you slay as many opposing players as possible, or sneak around those out of position? The Ball Carrier has a persistent indicator, though the wily can use that to lure the enemy away from a team mate who may be running a post-pattern for the end-zone. Feel free to keep it flarey, readers; you know I always do.

There are victorious highs, like the triple-ball-kill on the enemy’s doorstep that leads to a 50-point run-in. There are heartbreaking lows, such as a well-placed headshot to the enemy ball-carrier that’s a second too late, as you helplessly watch the ball roll into your undefended scoring area.

Could a Halo-based sport recapture the lighting-in-a-bottle that was Grifball? A statement so bold takes more than one writer’s opinion.

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