September 10th, 2013

We at Tied the Leader enjoy a healthy mix of gaming outlets. This console generation has given us plenty of ground to battle upon, and we’ve taken advantage of that to the fullest; some of us even moonlight as members of the so-called PC Master Race.  When our Gunslingers want to schedule a specific time, date, and game-of-choice in which to Get Some™, we use a dedicated section of our message board affectionately known as the PreGame Lobby. Allow me to explain.


Each post in the PreGame Lobby contains three vital components: The event’s game of choice,  its start time, and a sign-up sheet. Respondents who wish to take part in said carnage simply reply to that post with their name added to the list. This process is simple, efficient, and key to our ragtag bunch of hooligans who enjoy an organized night of debauchery.

Below are a list of actual forum topics in our PreGame Lobby sub-board:

HCSD Late Friday – 9 Pacific

Friday Night BL2 – 9:00 EST

Last games w/Duff – Fri 10E/9C/7P

Friday Night Halo – 10:30 EST

EDITOR’S NOTE: Each of these game-planning threads are from the same night. Now, I’d be misleading the reader if I said this happened daily. Some nights do bring silence to the PreGame Lobby board. Rarely, though, do these nights happen back-to-back. Consider this your writer’s “humble-brag”; the Gunslingers are an active bunch.

As any gamer can discern, the Gunslingers are not a mutually exclusive bunch. Our battlefronts vary from the deck of the UNSC Infinity to the deadly landscape of Pandora, from near-future war-torn Los Angeles to a street-lit superhighway in Tehran. You might say we get around. This leads me to my point, as I bet you were starting to wonder…

What is your crew playing lately?

Set aside Skyrim and look beyond Bioshock; what’s your go-to for multiplayer mayhem? When you rally your troops for a night of digital diversion, where do your boots hit the ground? Now that PAX, Gamescom, and E3 have come and gone, where do you see your time being spent in “the next generation?” Come on in to our MidWorld discussion board, and let your voice be heard.