September 9th, 2012
Sunburned Goose

We are Sunburned Goose, TTL Cozmo, TTL Cute, and TTL Faithkeeper, and this is our story.

The night begins with a Stary Sobor loot run.  Cute, Cozmo and I were turning over loot in the tents for about half an hour until Faithkeeper, who was relatively new to the game, joined us.  He casually noticed that there was a ‘new’ red car among the destroyed vehicles that we had been passing by all this time. We stopped looting the tents and started looking for parts to get the car back into driveable shape. It needed 2 or 3 wheels, a fuel tank and engine parts. That’s me in the passenger window lookin’ creepy.

We had been searching across the area looking for industrials to loot for parts. Cozmo went to Novy and Gorka while Cute, Faithkeeper, and I kept turning over Stary. Suddenly, we heard a distinct sound growing lounder, ‘wup wup wup wup…’

Feeling the heat from the chopper crew, we get the car running and get out of the Stary hotspot. We travel north to the Factory to finish fixing the car and add some spares into the trunk. We turned over the factory for the better of an hour and then decided to move on to Berezino to see if there is any action over there. Knowing that there were other players on the server, we broke up to two squads, with myself and Cute scouting out Berezino for engine parts and players, and Cozmo and Faithkeeper remaining behind to keep turning over loot. On the way out to Berezino, Cute found an ATV and brought it back to the Factory.  This was turning out to be a great night for finding vehicles.  Now, we began the long walk to Berezino again.

Just as Cute and I make it into Berezino, Cozmo calls out the heli again. Unlike last time, the heli crew began to circle around and hover over the factory. The bright red car parked out in the open may have been too much to pass up.  Cute and I jump right to our maps to set waypoints. They were 3k’s away from the Factory. There’s no time to run around Berezino safely. We would have to just run straight through, as the crow flies. We agro’ed zeds left and right, building up quite a train. Once through the city, we lost our zeds in the bushes, and sprinted across an open field all the while hoping the chopper crew wouldn’t see us out in the open.

Cozmo and Faithkeeper gave a stream of information just like that scene in Taken before the daughter is kidnapped. We knew that there were two on the ground with the chopper hovering over. We heard the first firefight where Cozmo was killed.  His Bizon wasn’t a match for an AKM. Faithkeeper came back from AFK to find out they were in a firefight, and he took down one of the players who killed Cozmo. Ultimately, Faithkeeper was shot dead by the second player to approach the Factory.

By now, Cute and I were just approaching the hills overlooking the Factory. There were two peaks to setup overwatch, one directly before the gates with a great view looking into the Factory, and a second off to the left which had a view of the side and behind the Factory. We split up with Cute taking the hill looking directly into the Factory since he has a ghille and a M24, and I took the far hill as I only had Camo and a Barrett M107. Once in position, we watch.

The Heli has landed in a field to the west, and Cute calls out the player that shot Faithkeeper as he is looting our vehicles. Once he stopped near our car, Cute takes the shot and puts a round into his chin.  “FernandoM was killed.”

This spooks the heli and it lifts off immediately and begins to circle around. Cute and I hide under conifers waiting to see if they’d land to try and reclaim their fallen friends weapons and gear, or avenge their deaths.  For 10 minutes, they circle the factory, often in short loops, but sometimes they go wide hoping that we would come out of cover sensing they may have left the area. We sit tight and the heli would come back looking for us. It is intimidating to know that above you is a M240 pointed down towards you. Ultimately, they put the bird down in the field on the backside factory. As the players had hoped, Cute couldn’t see the heli land as the Factory obstructed his view, but I had an angle from my hill and called out two players on foot. One went west to a tree lined ridge, and the other stayed behind near the heli under cover.

Cute and I waited another five minutes watching for them, discussing our strategy. I suggested running around the backside and snatching their Heli from under their noses, but it is decided to sit tight, and take them out first.

While scanning the likely routes, I saw movement along the ridge. I zeroed in my sight, took a breath, and pulled the trigger. My shot kicks up dirt just before the sniper! Damn it! I raised my gun up, quickly pulling a shot off just as the sniper gets up, and the round connected . The M107 is a one shot gun and “Vanilla Lightning was killed”.

I turned my sights back to the heli and saw that it was spinning up. The second player trying to make a quick getaway with the chopper instead of sticking around. Taking Cozmo’s earlier advice, I started pouring round after round of .50 Caliber Anti-Material into the heli, trying to bring it down. Cozmo says, “Just shoot the pilot out of the window!” I aimed my gun true, pulled the trigger, and out fell from the floating heli Chocolate Thunder, lifeless, and our new chopper landed a couple meters away.

Confident that the assaulting team was taken out, Cute and I took it slow and easy, checking out the area as we moved forward.  The dead were looted, along with the heli, and I came away with a silenced M9 pistol, a ghille, night vision goggles, and an range finder.  Cozmo ran back from the coast and reclaimed his loot.

Faithkeeper’s body is in the background, and his victim, Milky, is in front.

FernandoM, who caught a M24 round to the chin, and a glitched ghillied body in the back.

Vanilla Lightning, the sniper in the woods. Not pictured, is Chocolate Thunder, the pilot.

After a quick check of its airworthiness after passing 8 rounds of .50 cal. through it, Cozmo, Cute, and I fixed up TTL’s new chopper, filled its gas tank, and took it for a spin. The heli takes 1000 liters of fuel, or 50 jerry cans, or an hour of your life to top it off from empty.

Our Reward.

I was very proud of our team of Gunslingers that night. We worked together, fought our attackers, and won the night in spite of the attackers advantage. Even though some of our team fell under gunfire, we left the evening with much more than we started, and that is the best you can expect from DayZ.

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