September 4th, 2014


By now, you realize The Gunslingers aren’t afraid of trying something new.

We’ve had our hands in so many styles of digital media that I’m shocked we haven’t started our own band, yet. You’ve watched the Twitch streams. You’ve witnessed the montages. You’ve read the dramatic and occasionally long-winded blog posts. Now, it’s time for something completely different.

Introducing the TTL Party Chat Podcast.

Our good friends over at Guardian Radio Network inspired us to take a leap into uncharted territory once again, and have rolled Tied the Leader into their podcast umbrella. Let me tell you this: We had a blast. Episode 1 is a little rough around the edges; you can tell we’re figuring it out as we go. Hopefully you find that endearing, and will be back for more. Episode 2 is already shaping up to be tighter, better produced, and recorded soon enough. No spoilers, but it may lean heavy on Destiny debauchery.

If you missed the link above, here it is again:

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August 7th, 2014

Not since The Three Musketeers have a trio been this entertaining, yet deadly.

The Gunslingers, along with most of the internet, poured their hearts and souls into the Destiny Beta. From “Legend”-ary runs through the Devil’s Den to 6 vs. 6 throw downs in the Iron Banner, no human or AI was safe from the tactical prowess of a TTL Fireteam. Did you get a chance to deep dive into the Earth’s moon? We did; get an eye full of that and much more below, as TTL Jericho, TTL Eisen, and TTL Demag0gue show you the Destiny Beta through their eyes.

Oh, and don’t forget those dancin’ shoes.

Chime in on your favorite moments. We’re looking for chatter to tide us over, as September 9th is still over a month away.

June 25th, 2014
TTL Cozmo23

It is finished! I played a little over 30 hours of the Destiny Alpha and made this short mini-tage of the clips I remembered to record. All the footage is from my perspective but there may be a familiar face or two. Really wanted to go back and play while I was stitching this together, it just makes the wait for the Beta a little more excruciating. See you Starside on July 17th!

Tell us your favorite parts or how bad I am.

June 10th, 2014

I don’t think you’re ready for this.

A small and fortunate group of Gunslingers had the opportunity to get their gauntlets on the Destiny Alpha build, and we did not let that opportunity go to waste. I won’t bore you with words, friend. Our very own Sunburned Goose put together an exhilarating montage comprising many pieces of the Destiny Alpha. PvP? Got it. Exploring the ruins of Old Russia? Check. Public Events? In there. Oh, and don’t forget to take a look at the Devil’s Den Strike on Legend difficulty.

Watch and salivate. Start some chatter on the boards. Soon enough, you too will Become Legend.

June 10th, 2014

Hold on to your butts, Guardians.

The three man wrecking squad of Cute, Cozmo, and myself dove into the heart of the Devil’s Den in hopes of Becoming Legend. This is no montage. You will not be watching a highlight or blooper reel. You will experience the ENTIRE strike as we did, through each of our eyes and alongside our tactical chatter. Bungie built the challenge; it was up to us to overcome.

Ride along with us, and come talk about it afterward.

May 29th, 2014
TTL Cozmo23

Tied The Leader started out as a Halo 2 clan, but over the last 9 years has evolved. One title does not rule them all any longer, and gaming communities have branched out across multiple games as well as platforms. A small squad of us at TTL spent a great deal of time in the DayZ mod gathering loot, hunting bandits, and dying in hilarious ways. I have been gathering small bits of footage from these shenanigans for the last 2 years and finally cut them together into a tribute to our time playing DayZ. Special thanks to the following people who have played DayZ with us, most of them were in the video somewhere.

TTL Cute
TTL Nightmare
TTL Killer
Sunburned Goose
TTL Pony
TTL Monster
TTL Faithkeeper

Also special guest Foman123

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May 16th, 2014

We’re back with the final chapter in our adventure into the world of Hammerwatch. Puzzles will be solved, Coke will be slurped, and bosses will be attempted.

TTL Plays! Hammerwatch Part 3:

April 14th, 2014

Join Pony, Nightmare, Killer, and myself as we delve right back into the world of Hammerwatch after our spectacular failure last week. In this episode we reminisce about our characters collegiate careers, find some secrets, and attempt to overcome our greatest nemesis from last episode.

TTL Plays! Hammerwatch Part 2:

April 8th, 2014

As a group that was born in the Clan system of Halo 2, Tied The Leader has always been married to the Xbox console and its successive iterations. There was no need to venture out into the vast open world of PC gaming as all the killer apps were already on our chosen platform. But with the rise in popularity of Minecraft, and PC’s indie gaming scene along with it, a few Gunslingers started to take notice, splitting or making time for these new experiences that weren’t available anywhere else. That group has grown to a handful of gamers who now devote a good bit of their time to digging through the PC marketplaces and playing these games together in search of gold.

The majority of the Gunslingers are still firmly rooted in the console environment they’ve spent most of their gaming life in, as the PC experience can seem a bit rough to delve into to the newcomer. So, for you Gunslingers and readers who have yet to take the plunge into the relative lawlessness of the PC gaming-space  (or if you just want to catch up with what a few of us are playing), we’re starting up a video series so you can hopefully share in those experiences.

Here’s a bit of what TTL Plays:


January 21st, 2014

Last week’s display of digitized dream machines focused on the sleeker, sexier side of Forza Motorsport 5. This week brings an entirely different take on the next-gen racing game.

Welcome to the blooper reel.